Helene Wessel Bogen

Munich, Freimann

This 40.000 m² plot is part of Munich’s industrial area “Euro-Industriepark”. Over the coming years, an urban, mixed-use neighborhood is planned to be developed on the entire site creating mixed-use and livable neighborhoods for the future by transforming a commercial area into a new, dense, urban inner-city district. This is intended to serve as a pilot project for hybrid, climate-sensitive urban developments and to illustrate new ways in residential mixed-use quarters.


Type of use



In development



Lettable area (ca.)

68,000 sqm


Together with the state capital Munich the project is participating in the prestigious Europan competition E17 on the topic of “Living Cities 2 – Vibrant Cities 2” where innovative ideas conceptually link the management of climate change and the creation of inclusive urban neighborhoods.

Europan is an association that organizes an architectural and urban planning ideas competition every two years, bringing together the younger generations of architects, urban planners, and landscape planners.

To this end, the association cooperates with selected European municipalities and their cooperation partners.

The Europan 17 competition “Living Cities 2 – Vibrant Cities 2” asks how climate change and the human-induced social, economic, and cultural inequalities in the urbanized spaces of our cities and municipalities can be addressed with innovative and integrative projects and new planning processes.