REDESIGNING urban life by creating ENRICHING communities and SUSTAINABLE SPACES for an improved QUALITY OF LIFE

A solid foundation

Ever since we can remember, we have been fascinated with real estate, its wider social and economic promise, and its ability to shape the cities we live and work in for generations. That is why our mission is to offer a diverse portfolio of real estate assets that not only provide long-term value but bring positive change to the locations they are in.

As a family-run business, we are aware of our responsibility to all those whose lives our properties touch, influence and enrich. We ensure to act with the utmost quality, integrity, and reliability. Our strategic investment and effective asset management focuses on the acquisition, development, and management of residential and commercial properties in Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt, and London.

Focusing on future generations

We specialize in residential and commercial projects that prioritize environmental, social, and economic sustainability. Whether it is developing new communities or revitalizing existing ones, we strive to create spaces that enhance life and exceed expectations through exceptional design, a diversity-enhancing portfolio, and features for a sustainable future.

With over €2bn in assets under management and more than 400,000 m² of lettable space, we are dedicated to growing our portfolio of more than 3,000 units and expanding our reach. We continuously improve and innovate in all aspects of our business, with the ultimate aim of creating value for all those who are part of our community.